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It's time to take your business to a whole new level with the best marketing tool.

Best Strategy

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Why Email Marketing?

It's simple really. Let's take a look at how email marketing stacks up.

Reach more

90% of emails reach their target compared to only 2% of Facebook ads.


What every business wants is Click Throughs. 3% of all viewed emails gets clicked on compared to a mere 0.5% for all social media.

Ultimately, what businesses want are sales and email marketing converts 4.24% of all visitors compared against 2.49% from search engines and only 0.5% from social media.

At the end of the day we are all interested in ROI. Email marketing offers the highest ROI at 3,800% or basically $38 earned for every $1 spent.

What Professionals say about Email Marketing

Cofounder of KISSmetrics & Crazy Egg

“Out of all the channels I tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them. Not only does it have a high conversion rate, but as you build up your list, you can continually monetize it by pitching multiple products. Just look at ecommerce sites like Amazon: One way they get you to continually buy more products from them is by emailing you offers on a regular basis.”

Founder of Content Marketing Institute

“So many brands and companies build their audiences on Facebook and Google+, which is fine, but we don’t own those names – Facebook and Google do. If we are thinking like real media companies, the asset is in the audience. Getting an email address is the first critical step to figuring out who my reader is and, hopefully in the future, my customer of some sort. If our goal is to drive sales or keep customers happy in some way, we first need to get them as part of our audience. If I have one regret as a business owner, it’s not focusing on building our email list earlier in the process.”

Founder of SumoMe

“If you rely on Facebook or Twitter, you are at the mercy of them allowing you to talk to your customers. When you email it gets in your customers inboxes. Then it’s up to you to make sure you are sending things your customers want to receive. Email is the most scalable way to make sales with new customers and build deeper relationship with deeper customers. AppSumo.com is a 7 figure business and 90%+ of our revenue comes from emails.”

Director of Newsletters at Buzzfeed

Email marketing is an essential tool in every smart marketer’s tool belt. Nothing else is as good at reaching your customers where they are, and nothing else is as effective at building personal relationships with customers.

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